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To ensure that we don’t go on haughtily praising ourselves ( definitely a serious problem for R ) we both have decided to write the other’s description. Get ready to bear witness to a not so ideal friendship building psychological exercise.  

S : 

“Murder is like potato chips: you can’t stop with just one.” 

Stephen King

This is possibly her favourite quote of all time. 

These first few lines seem to encapsulate everything my macabre llamacorn loving best friend stands for. S is the type of person you will find holed up in her room reading an Agatha Christie novel or watching a blood curdling horror movie without seeming the least bit scared. Nevertheless , she’s one of the most full-of-light people I know. She’s strongly opinionated and fights incessantly towards her morals. All these traits are reflected prominently in her writings, and I think you would be really foolish not to gape over her wonderful work. 

Oh she’s also a high school student in India, 16 years old blah blah blah.. 


When I think of R the first word that springs to mind is ‘good’. If you were new in your apartment, you wouldn’t have to worry about making friends because R would approach you first and do her level best to make you feel comfortable. R is that person who actually picks up pieces of paper or plastic off the ground as opposed to simply complaining about how “people these days have no morals”.

But considering the fact that she painted me as a potential serial killer I think it’s only fair to let you know that R is also exceptionally weird (She has a strange obsession with vampires).

I think I’ll end this by saying that her writing perfectly encompasses her relaxed and bubbly nature as well as her love for romance novels.

Oh she’s also a high school student in India, 16 years old, has a very healthy lifestyle, blah blah blah…




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